QSkills Software is an online system which provides a method to record and monitor individual progress for learners with PMLD. CCEA provides these services subject to the following rules and guidelines.

These guidelines should be used in conjunction with the following CCEA policies which can be found on the CCEA web site (

In the event of any conflict between this document and any CCEA Policy the terms in the policy will govern. Any questions regarding the QSkills Software usage can be directed to the CCEA web / elearning Manager.

Use of QSkills Software

When using "The QSkills Software" and connecting services, users must:

Each user (teacher, principal) is responsible for ensuring that their use of QSkills complies with CCEA policies and this document.

By using our QSkills software users agree to be bound by these terms, which shall take effect immediately on their first use. If users do not agree to be bound by all the following terms they should cease using "The QSkills Software".

CCEA’s may revise these terms without notice by posting the latest version of this document onto QSkills Software. A user’s continued use of QSkills will be deemed acceptance of the updated terms or amendments.

Users accessing the QSkills Software from non-C2k owned equipment (such as mobile phones or personal laptops) and users accessing the QSkills Software from outside C2k premises (such as their home or workplace) are bound by the same conditions of use.

In accordance with CCEA’s Acceptable Use Policy, use of the QSkills Software must be for the purpose of teaching, training, research and associated administration or other authorised use.


Access to learner’s information and resources on the QSkills Software are controlled by user permissions. Users should log into the QSkills Software with their school C2k user account through Google and never allow another user to access the QSkills Software under their account.

Initial access to QSkills Software is protected by a PIN Number (a pin required to gain access) that is set by CCEA and the teacher should never disclose the enrolment key to allow access by an unauthorised user.

Users should never attempt to access the QSkills Software area unless they have been given permission to do so by their school and have received the PIN Number.

Logins, adding, editing, deleting information on QSkills is fully audited. Records are kept of when users access the software. These records are available to teachers for evidence, but may also be used as a point of reference for any matters arising, such as accounts of harassment, bullying or the transmitting of inappropriate material.

When teachers place information onto the QSkills software they are acknowledging that they are making it available to any teachers in the school.

It is the schools responsibility to remove access to teachers that are no longer employed at the school. Any records which the teacher added will still be available only their login access will be suspended.


Teachers are responsible for ensuring that the materials added does not infringe confidentiality, copyright or the intellectual property rights of others (including colleagues).

Teachers should not upload any materials which would breach CCEA’s acceptable usage policies (such as illegal or obscene content) or add any resources that host such material.

Teachers are prohibited from transmitting any words or pictures which are libellous, insulting, and abusive or would otherwise contravene CCEA’s codes of conduct.

Teachers are responsible for ensuring their QSkills Software areas and ensuring that any violations of CCEA policies are dealt with. Any violations of policies identified by teachers should be made to their school principle in the first instance.

The QSkills Software should reflect current learner progress. It is teacher’s responsibility for ensuring it remains up-to-date.

The QSkills Software may be removed without warning if:

Where a class has multiple teachers then arrangements should be made by the teachers to ensure that they work together collaboratively. CCEA’s cannot accept any responsibility where a teacher makes changes to files or settings without informing their colleagues.

The QSkills Software contains documents created with a variety of software. Where possible we encourage lecturers or supervisors to upload resources in commonly used formats (such as Microsoft Office) to offer wider compatibility. CCEA’s cannot support teachers with problems opening files externally if they are caused by incompatible software and/or hardware.

Many files on The QSkills Software which have been uploaded by teachers (such as videos / images) are linked from teachers google accounts. CCEA’s cannot guarantee quality of performance or be responsible for connection issues when downloading these materials externally.

Data Protection

Users of The QSkills Software must agree to:

Access logs

Access to this course is logged and the information recorded about course usage is available to the CCEA administrator. This information includes which users have visited The QSkills Software, when they visited and what they have looked at. These statistics are monitored and may be used:

Data storage limitations

The QSkills Software is a platform for recording progress. Images and videos added are stored by Google and not by CCEA. Responsibility for photos and videos etc lies with Google. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that links are live and working and to share with appropriate staff members.

Users should always keep original copies of work they upload onto the QSkills Software. CCEA’s accepts no liability for lost or corrupt data that has been stored on The QSkills Software by teachers.

C2k computers are routinely virus scanned but CCEA cannot guarantee that all files transmitted through The QSkills Software will be virus free. Users accessing The QSkills Software from home should ensure that they have adequate virus protection on their computer to help prevent their infection or distribution of viruses.

Disciplinary Action

Should a user contravene these terms of use or any other CCEA Policy related to the use of The QSkills Software, the offence will be logged and appropriate action will be taken, from a temporary restriction of services up to and including permanent removal of services and further disciplinary procedures.

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